Pervasive Annotated Bibliography Topics Everyone Needs According to the Experts

The study process in college or university predicts creating essays, research papers, coursework, and other assignments. They are essential parts of learning because they allow you to improve your writing skills and expand your knowledge in the discipline. Some of them may require the creation of an annotated bibliography. While it is an extensive paper often used in scientific research, many scholars don’t know what it exactly means and how to assemble it well.

annotated bibliography topics
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The purpose of this article is to clarify and summarize the information about this paperwork, and to assist you in finding an annotated bibliography topic that will suit your essay. Alternatively, if you are stuck in the process, you can use our service. You can count on our academic experts for assistance in researching, searching, and analyzing relevant scholarly sources.

An annotated bibliography is a list of references with a short comment on each of them. It can be a separate document or a part of more extensive research. Besides, there are several types of this assignment. Some of them may be in a descriptive form, while other predicts to show your position or criticism of the material. The common feature of all these types is to select studies relevant to the subject and topic.

Finding the information, correct ideas, and topics for annotated bibliography is a crucial and the most time-consuming part of the work. There are several points to figure out before implementing the idea:

  • You should clearly understand which good topics for annotated bibliography are suitable in your case and whether they cover all the material you want to examine.
  • Learn from your tutor what sources you should analyze (books, investigations, scholarly journals, magazines, or web articles).
  • Also, specify whether there are restrictions by years and authors.

With these tips, you will find easy topics for annotated bibliography and create your paper quickly.

The demands for annotated bibliography vary depending on the discipline, educational level, and specialization. But no matter whether you are a college, university, or high school learner, you earn Ph.D., or a Master degree, the general rules for annotated bibliography are the following:

  • You should write the document in the correct language, without grammar and theoretical errors.
  • The annotation should consist of 100-200 words.
  • You must comply with formatting requirements.
  • Place all authors in alphabetical order.
  • Create good annotated bibliography topics that are worth discussing and show your in-depth knowledge.

During the assignment, you may think about what are good topics for an annotated bibliography and where to look for them. For example, you can search on the web or visit the library. Moreover, some teachers can assign a theme, especially for high school students. The best annotated bibliography topics cover your discipline and describe different aspects and opinions on the subject. Besides, they show your attitude to the topic in the abstract to each reference. All of them should be related to real-life situations, and the amount of material should be sufficient for deep disclosure of the topic. The main thing is to be detail-oriented and attentive to the information in the studies you analyze.

Depending on the purpose of your document, there may be controversial, serious, or fun annotated bibliography topics. Below, we cover good topics for an annotated bibliography based on the popularity and importance of the subjects. We choose them according to the list of disciplines we supply help with and the number of requests from learners.

If after you choose the topic you still have questions on how to write an annotated bibliography, we have prepared useful information to help you with this. Moreover, our experts can write it instead of you so keep in mind that you can buy annotated bibliography from them any time.

Annotated Bibliography on Abortion

Abortion is a highly controversial issue in many disciplines, such as religion, ethics, healthcare, and law. The morality and health impact of this procedure is debatable. But the main discussion is around the issue of women’s choice. Analyzing this subject, we propose you some topics for annotated bibliography:

  • Law regulation of abortion in the American States.
  • Indications and contraindications of abortion for women in women aged 20-30 years.
  • Moral and ethical principles of abortion in orthodox religious communities.
  • Criminal abortion: the responsibility of the doctor and the patient.
  • Legalization of abortion: a tribute to feminism or a vital right.
  • Underage abortions and their negative influence on life.

Annotated Topics About Abuse

Abuse and addiction are diseases known for centuries. Scientists around the world are trying to find out their origin and find ways to treat these conditions. There are many types of abuse – from alcohol and drug use to sexual contact and smartphone use. We cover the most relevant themes:

  • The impact of alcohol and drug use on social contacts.
  • Gradation of changes in the quality of life of drug addicts.
  • The influence of psychotropic substances on the brain.
  • The harmful effects of smoking vapes and electric cigarettes on adolescents.
  • Smartphone abuse is a new disease of the 21st century.
  • The effect of vine on pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Problems in communicating with an addicted person and ways to solve them.
  • Does responsible gambling help with abuse?

Explore Business in Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Business education is one of the most sought-after on the globe. People with MBAs are specialists in accounting, finance, business communication, management, and other fields. All of them have high employment opportunities and salaries. During the business study, you can cover such good annotated bibliography topics:

  • The effect of circadian lighting on the productivity of office workers.
  • A practical approach to business development with cryptocurrency.
  • The influence of private business on state structures in underdeveloped countries.
  • Ethical norms and rules of dismissal of employees.
  • Optimization of business and industry to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Hybrid work: combining remote work with office time and its effectiveness for employees and employers.
  • Pros and cons of online business and its perspectives.
  • The encouragement of employees for career growth and its positive impact on business success.
  • The marketing innovations in business development.
  • The gender distinction in business career growth.

Criminal Justice In Annotation Essays

Criminal justice is one of the areas of law that studies crimes and their regulations in different countries. It covers many topics and you may choose any sample below:

  • Active criminal groups in Mexico in the 20th century.
  • Cybercrime and ways to detect it in the United States.
  • Death penalty and cases of its appeal and abolition.
  • Educational colonies for juveniles as a way to re-education of difficult teenagers.
  • Drug cartels and the fight against them in the 21st century.
  • The impact of fairness of justice on public sentiment.
  • Analysis of the most common financial crimes of the last decade.

Annotated Research About Domestic Violence

It is a common problem around the globe which means aggressive actions against family members. It has various manifestations, including physical, emotional, sexual, economic, verbal, etc. Governmental organizations and the international community contribute to raising awareness and providing assistance to victims of domestic violence. Some basic templates for annotation include:

  • The impact of domestic violence on children’s future success.
  • The quality of information campaigns on domestic violence in developing countries.
  • The role of gender in punitive measures against partners who commit violence.
  • How to get over abusive relationships?
  • Overview of the U.S. Criminal Code regarding sexual violence in the family.

Ideas For Annotated Bibliography on Education

There is nothing more important for kids than education. It is not only a way to gain some knowledge, but also a great way to learn how to communicate and express yourself. Education issues always require analysis and improvement. Some good topics for annotated bibliography are the following:

  • Online education is a way to get a new profession.
  • The influence of teacher’s authority on high school students.
  • Twelve-year school and its advantages and interpretations in different countries.
  • Effectiveness of distance learning and ideas for improvement.
  • Technological progress in the field of education.
  • The difference between Master and Ph.D. degrees.
  • Private versus public schools in the quality of the educational process.

English Topics for Annotation Assignment

Knowing English is an essential matter for people because it is the most spoken language in the world. Your quality of writing and speaking language may influence your career and private life. English faces many changes due to progress and globalization. We cover some actual themes for your annotated document:

  • The problem of prescriptive and descriptive grammar in the 21st century.
  • The influence of text messages on the quality of writing in English.
  • Study of the use of abbreviations and acronyms in everyday life.
  • The distinction of pronunciation in different regions.
  • Interchangeability of shall and will in formal and informal language.
  • English as the second language and its difficulties.
  • The latest upgrades of grammar rules in English.

Healthcare Best Annotated Bibliography Topics

Healthcare is a vital subject, especially in recent years, as people are facing COVID-19, Ebola, and other epidemics. Research and analysis in this sphere are helpful for society. Some examples for your paperwork are here:

  • The system of disease prevention in African countries.
  • The problems of vaccination and the fight against people’s misconceptions.
  • Telemedicine and its pros and cons for healthcare efficiency.
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence technologies in various healthcare areas.
  • Research the evidence of dietary supplements and the effectiveness of their use.
  • Ethical rules in communication between doctor and patient.

Law & Legal Easy Topics for Annotated Bibliography

Law education is one of the most complex and hard-working disciplines. Getting an advanced degree in a Master’s or Ph.D. can be difficult and time-consuming. The law and legal change regularly, and you should be informed about all these modifications. Below, check some topics to ease your life:

  • Analysis of the policy of John Kennedy and his government and its consequences.
  • A plan for raising awareness of the legal system in society.
  • Constitution of Japan 1946, the content and evaluation. The state system of Japan.
  • Presidential power in the USA and its strengthening in the XIX-XX centuries.
  • Public and private law, theoretical and practical aspects of their interaction.
  • Royal power in England at the present stage.
  • Free legal aid system and its characteristics.
  • The theoretical and legal aspects of combating discrimination against women from vulnerable groups.

LGBTQ Interesting Topics For Your Annotated Paper

LGBTQ issues are an interdisciplinary topic. They are closely related to social science, legal, and even healthcare. It is a new and intriguing subject for exploration, so there are many ideas for best annotated bibliography topics:

  • The question of legalization of same-sex marriages in different countries.
  • The civilian rights of the LGBTQ community.
  • Discrimination based on sexual preferences and its regulation.
  • The research of brain activity in transgender individuals.
  • The influence of the LGBTQ community on media space.
  • Gender stereotypes in patriarchal countries.
  • Analysis of abbreviations related to LGBTQ in the XX-XI centuries.
  • Stonewall riots and their impact on the development of the gay community.
  • The meaning of LGBTQ symbols in different eras.

Ideas of Annotated Bibliography for Medical Students

Medicine is a fundamental discipline with centuries of background and continuous development. All medical students always suffer from a large amount of literature and educational materials. That’s why the couple samples of topics for annotated bibliography are quite right:

  • The influence of interleukins on autoimmune diseases in children.
  • Uterus transplantation: indications and pre-transplant screening.
  • The innovative approach to the treatment of Crohn’s disease.
  • Impact of antibiotic resistance on the treatment of tuberculosis in Eastern Europe.
  • The use of cannabis as a combined treatment for diseases of the nervous system.
  • The effect of hormonal imbalance in women and men of reproductive age on fertility.
  • The problem of Borreliosis treatment and its persistence.
  • The use of technology in the detection of hereditary diseases.

Mental Health Problems Covered In Annotated Bibliography

Stable mental health is a basic need for people in the 21st century. The impacts of the fast pace of life, considerable amount of information, and high standards of life quality cause stress and mental problems. That’s why this subject is more relevant than ever. Several ideas of topics are below:

  • Self-acceptance as the key to success in the last decade.
  • The behavior of people with avoidant personality disorder in relationships.
  • The types of communication with kids who suffer from ADHD.
  • Presence of mental health problems and needs among college and university students.
  • The influence of the Internet on adolescents’ mental health.
  • The correlation between economic prosperity and mental health in Japan.
  • Detection of mental health problems in family medicine.
  • Depression and anxiety as the leading mental health issues after COVID-19.
  • The importance of early detection of cognitive problems in the working population.
  • The ways to combat dissociative disorders.

Natural Science in Annotated Bibliography

Natural science covers a vast list of disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. To construct any scientific document in this field, you should use observation and experiment as basic methods. We adjust several ideas for your research:

  • Possibilities of discovering new planets for modern astrophysicists.
  • The microbiological discoveries of the 2000s which changed the world.
  • Investigation of the biochemical process of fertilization in different species of animals.
  • Geoscience and its positive influence on humanity’s development.
  • Overview of the use of green energetics in Scandinavian countries.
  • Patterns and features of the development of natural science.
  • Types of nutrition and diets based on geographical and cultural specifications.

Great Topics For Annotated Bibliography in Nursing

Nursing as a part of medicine demand learning many subjects during the course. Many students come across time-management problems and difficulties with a lot of paperwork. We decide to help them with several ideas for good topics for an annotated bibliography:

  • Geriatric care and the role of nurses in this system.
  • Misconceptions about male nursing and ideas of problem-solving.
  • Analysis of the responsibility of the nurse and doctor towards the patient.
  • Acute hepatitis as an occupational disease of nurses.
  • The duties of surgical nurses in dentistry.
  • Burnout syndrome in healthcare workers.

Political Science And Samples Of Annotated Themes

Political science studies power, political events, figures, and related changes in legislation. It is a very profound subject that stands on the border of psychology, social science, economy, and history. Some interesting topics for your annotation include:

  • The chronology of right and left parties in the USA’s power since the Cold War.
  • The impact of Donald Trump’s policy on the US position in the world.
  • The US immigration policy in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  • The influence of religion on government in Islamic countries.
  • The ways of promoting political awareness among young people.
  • The review of traditional principles of a democratic society.
  • The psychology of influence of political leaders on the electorate.

Opportunities For Research in Psychology

Psychology is a science that can explain human behavior from the point of scientific evidence. It combines several disciplines, such as medicine and social science. Students learn about the workings of the brain in terms of emotions, intelligence, personal experience, and attitude to the world. In such an impressive discipline, there are many good topics for annotated bibliography:

  • The effectiveness of group therapy for people with uncontrollable anger.
  • The most common methods of gestalt therapy nowadays.
  • The coaching concept and its efficacy in different spheres of life.
  • The concept of neo-Freudianism and rethinking the influence of instincts on behavior.
  • The impact of quarantine restrictions on depression.
  • The power of social media on the self-estimation and behavior of teenagers.
  • Is psychotherapy a trend or a need of the 21st century?
  • Suicidal thoughts as a consequence of loneliness.

Annotated Bibliography From Science

Science is a generalized view of studying the Universe. It is split into several prominent branches of natural, social, and formal sciences. The practical approach to this discipline helps to create several good annotated bibliography topics for students:

  • The most outstanding scientific discoveries from ancient times to the present.
  • The impact of the technological process on human activity.
  • New investigations of the Big Bang Theory and facts that refute and confirm it.
  • Research Ilon Mask’s scientific activities and his progress with Hyperloop.
  • What is bioorthogonal chemistry, and how is it reasonable for humanity?

The Issue of Social Media in Student Documents

Social media is a modern technology which becomes an integral part of our life. It is the space for communication, self-expression, growing business, and achieving success. With its rapid evolution, opportunities for scientific research are also developing. We cover some cases you can use for your research:

  • Overview of government regulation of using social media in the USA.
  • The construction and elements of social media platforms.
  • The classification of social media according to its purpose.
  • Social media marketing and its evolution over the past five years.
  • The Facebook phenomenon and Mark Zuckerberg’s personality.
  • Monetization of social networks and their impact on the economy.
  • The appearance of creative professions related to social media.

Ideas for Research in Social Science 

Social science is an exciting course for students as it discovers communication and coordination between people in society. It covers many subjects, including anthropology, economics, geography, management, and others. That’s why it is a perfect background for your annotated bibliography, as it suggests exploring many topics:

  • What is a society in the 21st century? What significant aspects influence its preferences?
  • What are trends, and how do they affect modern society?
  • Preservation of cultural traditions in the context of globalization of society.
  • Quality of life as a driving force of progress: the facts that deny this statement.
  • The study of ways of communication in international societies.
  • Subjective and objective points of gender equality.
  • What is feminism and its impact on society in the 2000s?

Sport-Related Topics For Your Annotated Bibliography

Sport is an essential part of our life worth studying in high school and college. There are twenty favorite sports in the world. Among them are football, hockey, athletics, golf, and yoga. During studying this discipline, you can choose several themes for your investigations:

  • The political influence of the Olympic Games.
  • The selection of traditional American sports types.
  • Traumatic brain injuries during rugby tournaments.
  • The history of Poker as a sports competition.
  • When to get started professional football career?
  • Doping in sports and ways of its recognizing.
  • The importance of sportsmen’s weight in MMA sports.

Video Game Violence As a Topic For Annotation

Nowadays, video games are a way of entertainment, a kind of sport, and a profitable business. In addition, it is one of the subjects for research in high school, college, or university. Often, video content is full of violence and bloody scenes. That’s why it is essential to analyze this subject with several annotated bibliography themes:

  • The influence of video game violence on the perception of war.
  • The appearance of aggression in minors based on video game violence.
  • The government regulation of age restrictions for video game violence.
  • The problems of illegal use of violent video games by teens.
  • The level of emotional intelligence in players who commit video game violence.
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